Phillip, You Will Be Missed By Many.

With deepest heartfelt sorrow I share the news that I lost my dearest friend of 35 years. You would know him as Phillip Love, Curator of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  Phillip passed away this morning.

He and I shared a great day yesterday moving cars around on a beautiful Fall day.  We laughed, we joked, and we had a great lunch.  We had big smiles all day long doing what we love.  Like always, we ended the day with a couple of Coors Lights and recapped what we had accomplished.  He and I walked out of the museum door, I watched him lock it for the last time and we parted with our old saying to each other “see ya tomorrow”.  I had no idea I was saying goodbye to him for the last time.

Phillip cared about three things in life, his children Brandi and Jeremy, Auburn football and Wellborn Museum.  Words cannot express my respect and admiration for one of the finest men I have ever met.  I simply could’ve never said thank you enough to him for his dedication and loyalty to my family and the museum.  Phillip you will be missed by many and especially me.

We will be closing the museum until further notice.  Please keep your thoughts and prayers with his children and family as they move through this difficult time.


Tim and Phillip cleaning up the K&K after returning from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Tim and Phillip cleaning up the K&K after returning from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Wellborn crew in Kissimmee, FL for the record breaking Mecum Auction.  We could not have done this without Phillip. 

The Wellborn crew in Kissimmee, FL for the record breaking Mecum Auction.  We could not have done this without Phillip. 

Meeting of the Mopars with the Birmingham Mopar Owner's Club

Back on March 5th, 2016 the Birmingham Mopar Owner's Club had the 2nd Meeting of the Mopars at the Museum.  The 1st year was great with a large gathering of cars, now into its second year it has done nothing but grow.

AAR Cuda sitting in the center of the group during the Meeting of the Mopars.

AAR Cuda sitting in the center of the group during the Meeting of the Mopars.

For the second year, it was a great turnout with 85 cars popping in and 130 people going through the museum.  Thank you to Eric Perrine for sharing his pictures, as well as one of the organizers of the event!

If you have a group of club that would be interested in having a get together at the Museum, please let us know at

We also have have Club Memberships available, that give members benefits that others don't.

$200 Club Membership (annually)
• Half off museum admission for all members
• Membership card for all members
• 20% off all wearables at the museum gift shop and online
• Exclusive invitations to member only museum events

Remembering Buddy Baker

Buddy Baker passed away August 20th, 2015.  The first man to go 200 mph consistently around a closed loop with an average of just over 200!  That might be what he is most remembered for, but he has a long storied carrier in NASCAR lasting three decades.  He's a few kind words from NASCAR, and a few others, about the great man.

Above is the original footage of Buddy Baker setting the 200MPH record at Talladega.  He later ran 200.447 memorialized in that iconic photograph of Buddy smiling with his pit board propped up through the rear wing of #88.  That actual pit board can be seen today at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  

During the entire 45th Aero Warrior Reunion, we will be honoring the great Buddy Baker.   Talladega Motor Speedway is allowing us TWO parade laps to honor Buddy Baker's life and NASCAR career, during the Alabama 500.  Each participating car will also get a commemorative sticker for their car.   A special block of tickets and seating also reserved for Aero Warrior Reunion participation.  To order those be certain to reference Aero Warriors.

If you have not yet committed to the event, now is the time.   We are expecting 100 cars and spots are filling fast!

You're invited.

In just a few months, we'll be holding a special, invitation-only event, and we couldn't be more thrilled to officially invite you. You'll be joined by fellow WMM members and Aero Car enthusiasts with the same passions as you as well as a long list of celebrity guests we can't wait to announce! 

Special VIP parking will be set aside for all attendees who bring a qualifying Aero Warrior car.   Select vintage Muscle Cars from 1967 to 1971 are welcome to participate.

Here's a preview of what to expect:

Thursday October 22nd : Atlanta Motor Speedway

  • Event kickoff with the Aero Warriors Speedway cruise @ 8am
  • 10 highway speed laps for all Aero cars and a few others. 
  • 9:30am we will cruise to Warm Springs, GA for lunch and tour of Roosevelt's Little White House.
  • After tour we will cruise to Alexander City, Alabama.

Friday October 23rd : Alexander City

  • Afternoon get together and low country boil at Tim and Pam Wellborn's home.
  • Not to be missed, as a large number of significant people from that era will be in attendance.

Saturday October 24th : Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

  • Opening display and formal announcement of Wellborn MCM as host of the Mopar Hall of Fame. 
  • The Official Unveiling of the K&K Insurance Dodge Daytona, celebrating its return home to the museum.
  • Opening display will be The original Ramchargers, (& their 65 Dodge), and a large number of their surviving members.  
  • In addition there will be a Q&A session for both the Ramchargers and others to be announced. 
  • Car show during the day and Cookout to follow days events.

Sunday October 25th : Talladega

  • Cruise to Talladega Motor Speedway for a pre-race speedway cruise and display of all cars in attendance.
  • TWO Parade Laps around the speedway track for all Aero Warrior reunion participants to honor Buddy Baker.
  • Participants will receive a commemorative Buddy Baker window decal for their vehicle.
  • A special block of ticketsand seating for the Alabama 500 are available for purchase by referencing Aero Warriors Reunion.

Aero Warrior Reunion 2015 Tickets available NOW

The tickets for the 2015 Aero Warriors Reunion are now available. 

For $130 you get 2 tickets to the dinners, parties and a goody bag.

Additional single tickets are available for $65 after purchase of the original couples ticket.

We have a bunch of cool stuff coming together.  Including track time at Talladega and more.

Once it is finalized, we will publish it here.

Thank you!

The Wellborn's new acquisition, a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Public Relations Car!

Tim and Pam recently acquired another rare and desirable 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible.  Not just a regular R/T convertible, this car is one of the factory Public Relations cars that was decked out with all the options!

This is one of the unique Public Relations cars that Dodge produced for dealers.  440 car, auto, A/C, luggage rack, white top, white interior, white side stripe.

This is a wonderful addition to the museum, its first showing was at The New Orleans Mopar Experience March 14&15.  But you can see this beauty currently in the Museum.

See ya at the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum!

Aero Warrior's Reunion 2015 UPDATE!

Announced just a few weeks ago, we already are knocking out some of the details for the show.

Here is the itinerary thus far for the Wellborn Portion of the reunion.

Thursday Afternoon/Friday Morning Check in at the Museum

Friday Evening: There will be a Crawfish Boil at the Wellborn's home.

Saturday Evening:  There will be a Southern Style dinner at the Museum that has a Halloween theme.  So you can dress up as someone from the muscle car era.

You'll be able to buy tickets in the Wellborn Online Store here shortly.

$130 per couple for both dinners

$65 each extra ticket

$150 at the door if not per-registered.

Aero Warrior's Reunion 2015 is a GO!

After last year's get together getting postponed.  It is official, we're back!

October 22nd through October 25th we're having a reunion!

There is going to be stuff going on at the Museum the 22nd through the 25th, with us all leaving together for the race together from the Museum on the 25th. 

There will be a lap around the track once we get there.

Also Saturday evening there will be a party at the Wellborn's home.

More updates next month.  But we wanted to get it out.


As many of you were watching.  When the B7 Jamaica Blue with a White interior 1971 Hemi Charger was crossing the block.  The auctioneers were pushing for Tim and Pam Wellborn to lift the reserve and let the car go.  And Pam put an end to that saying "No".  So the car did not sell at the auction, along with the 1971 Hemi Charger with Sunroof.  Well they are not back at the Museum and back on display!

Now as it was reported correctly in some places.  Tim's reason for selling the cars was to allow the opportunity to rotate in some fresh Muscle into the museum.  And he's already bought a rare one!


Tim has already picked up a low mile "Barn Find" 1971 Hemi Charger, 4-speed car with a load of options.  As was said, "He ain't dying, he's buying!"

You never know what is going to pop up at the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum!

TMZ reports David Spade bought Wellborn Daytona?!

That's right!  TMZ, the celebrity information site said on 1/27 that David Spade, famous for such iconic movies such as  Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Joe Dirt, etc... bought the Copper 1969 Hemi Daytona from the Wellborn Muscle Car Auction in Kissimmee, Florida just last week.

We are ecstatic that the car will be going to a true Mopar Fan, as he had multiple Mopars scattered across his various movies.

Here's an open invite for you David, get in touch with us! 

Here's the full story on from TMZ.

Daytona from movie Joe Dirt.

Daytona from movie Joe Dirt.

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Auction @ Kissimmee

Wow what a difference one week makes.  Last week at this time we were in Kissimmee, Florida selling 22 of the 24 cars we brought down there!  We are extremely pleased with outcome of the auction.  It was a please to meet so many of the fans of the Museum at the auction.  I hope they had as much fun as we did.

Here is some very nice overview of the auction form Hemmings

Photos by David Newhardt, courtesy Mecum Auctions

Photos by David Newhardt, courtesy Mecum Auctions

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Mecum Article in Jan. 2015 issue of Muscle Car Review


Geoff Stunkard puts together a fantastic article on why Tim Wellborn is deciding to sell just a handful of his wonderful collection in the January 2015 issue of Muscle Car Review Magazine.


You can see all the cars at the Mecum Auction's Kissimmee auction this January 16th through 25th. 


45th Aero Warrior Reunion Postponed Indefinitely

The 45th Aero Warrior Reunion has been postponed indefinitely, with the goal for it to be held in conjunction with the Spring 2015 race at Talladega.  Tim and Pam Wellborn were enthusiastically looking forward to hosting the reunion for the second time at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.

 The Wellborns' are saddened that they are unable to host the reunion this Fall.  Tim's physician recommended that he reduce his stress levels, both good and bad, for the immediate future.  But once Tim is back to “fighting trim”, we will ensure that the reunion continues.  

The Aero Warrior Reunion was to start with Laps at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the group then convoying to the Museum. The next day a barbecue was to take place at Tim and Pam Wellborn's home.  With the subsequent day hosting a show and shine at the Museum.  Following the events at the Museum, the group would make its way to Talladega Superspeedway for a parade lap before the Geico 500.  Tim and Pam are optimistic that things will come together to host a similar slate of activities in the Spring of 2015.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Wellborn Musclecar Museum HERE.

Here's to Wings in the Spring,

 ~The Wellborn Musclecar Museum Team

1969 Dodge HEMI Charger Daytona attending the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John

The Wellborn Musclecar Museum presents the most significant 1969 Hemi 4spd Dodge Daytona left known to exist.

The 1969 Daytona was a Chrysler Engineering marvel designed to better compete in NASCAR against Ford who held the top speed record of 189 mph. Dodge already having the dominant HEMI, decided that the aero group had the best change of taking the top speed and overall win crown in NASCAR. They proposed a rear "Y" airfoil to keep the car planted, the front nose cone balanced out the aero package, resulting in one the most stable race cars ever produced. The goal was a 5mph increase over the top lap speeds recorded at Daytona Motor Speedway. The result was the first NASCAR race car to eclipse the 200 mph barrier, set by Buddy Baker on March 24th, 1970 at 200.47 mph.

To homologate the Dodge Daytona for 1969 race season, they had to be built quickly, each '69 Dodge Charger hand converted by Creative Industries. Excitement over the car by the public was palpable. Dodge dealers had committed sales orders for over 1500 copies of the Dodge Charger Daytona. Of the 503 made, only 70 were HEMI Daytonas and of those only 20 were 4 speed, manual shift cars.

Currently, only 11 four-speed HEMI Daytonas are known to exist. The Wellborn Musclecar Museum is home to XX29J93412548, the ONLY ONE publically known to retain its original, numbers matching drivetrain. Documented by two broadcast sheets, this is a 6,000 original mile car and still retains all of her original interior and aside from the hood, she also has all of her original body panels. She spent most of her early life as an ISCA show car, note the "before" photo of the show car paint scheme before the car was restored back to stock original.

Just prior to restoration, the car was procured by Otis Chandler's Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife. Mr. Chandler had the car sent to the legendary Corvette aficionado, Roger Gibson. Roger, well known for attention to OE detail and replicating assembly line process, returned this vehicle to stock appearance and specifications. This Daytona was the first serious attempt by a restorer to reproduce factory line finishes, giving birth to the OE concours movement within the Mopar world. Considering the performance driven design, hand built limited run, and the revolutionary impact Daytona had on racing, this 1969 Dodge Daytona HEMI is certainly an iconic car.

The car has also been featured in many hardbound books including "American Muscle, Muscle Cars from the Otis Chandler Collection" by Randy Leffingwell. The vehicle is currently part of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum Collection, owned by Tim and Pam Wellborn and featured in the hardcover book "The Art of the Musclecar" by David Newhardt. The Wellborn Musclecar Museum is devoted to the preservation of the American Muscle Car. Its mission is to educate the public about the Muscle Car Era as a defining period in American history, an indelibly etched component of an entire generation. The impact of this era reverberates as a significant shift in cultural values, combining youth-oriented mass appeal with personalized style and high performance, elements once only available to an older, more affluent crowd. Mr. Newhardt’s book includes a total of 22 cars currently cared for by the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum.

The Wellborn Muscle Car Museum is honored to have this car invited to participate in the 2014 Concours D'elegance of America

Throwback Thursday: Chrysler Brings New 2011 392 Hemi Challenger And 2011 Charger To The Museum


On Monday, November 22nd 2011 Chrysler brought the Hemi Highway Tour to the Museum to showcase their newly re-designed Charger and the new 392 Challenger. It was an exciting day for everyone. Many Mopar fans turned out espcially from the Deep South Mopar Club. Everyone was wowed by the cars. The new Charger is a "Charger" it has all those 70's ques that we all loved. I can see Pam and I driving one soon, especially when they come with the 6.4 engines. And I'm betting they do.

Visit and follow them on the tour across the country.


The Fairest of Them All

Larry Dickson’s’71 GTX comes to the Wellborn Collection

By Geoff Stunkard


“That guy came back from Vietnam and simply wanted the baddest car he could find, and he kept the car flawless. He didn’t change out the wheels, didn’t really change the suspension, but he know a few racer tricks, and that is what was done to this car. Just some parts and painting the engine black to get rid of heat, and that car has been that way since 1972.”

Tim Wellborn was talking about what has become a big attraction at the Wellborn Musclecar Museum in Alexander City, a 1971 Bahama Yellow GTX that is the highest-priced Hemi car of all the machines built in the supercar era. The car, through a set of interesting circumstances, came to the collection showing just over 49,000 original miles and is unrestored, though modified.

“That GTX is one rare automobile, and most people would want to bring it back to absolute stock. But being here in the museum and seeing so many people coming in and looking at that, they talk about the changes. The owner put the valve covers on it, put the headers on it, all things that could easily be changed back. In truth, hardly anyone left their engine bay stock back then. You wanted to open the hood and show people what it looked like with your changes; it’s not like today where there is a big plastic cover over the engine. Back then, it was just an extension of the car and how you might personalize that car.”


For Larry Dickson, whose service in southeast Asia had been heroic to the point of being awarded some of the nation’s highest honors such as the Purple Heart and multiple Silver Stars, the car might have been the culmination of a dream of owning a Hemi car while he was busy with much more serious business. He had purchased a new 1970 383” Road Runner when he returned, but went looking for a Hemi car to replace that in early 1972. One way or another, he found out about a highly-optioned ’71 GTX in early 1972; this car would be sold to him through Courtesy Chrysler-Plymouth in Davis, with an added destination charge of 57.00 from Bayshore, New York. We do not know if Larry had them find this car for him or if they already had it on their lot. We do know a bit about what he bought, though.

Indeed, any aficionado of American muscle would have been drawn to this machine.


It had been ordered as a sales bank car in November 1970 with every serious option available in 1971 – the Hemi Super Trak Pack driveline, AM/FM stereo cassette with microphone, power windows and brakes, houndstooth interior, all the exterior trim packages, and, coming in at almost $500.00 over even all of that, a power sunroof and vinyl top. The sticker on the car new was $6592.75, 78% over the $3707.00 GTX base price and the highest-ever sticker price of any Chrysler Hemi musclecar. Based on the price of $4517.14 Larry paid, the car left the lot as a loss, especially since he financed it through his bank and not Chrysler.


Larry obviously took good care of the car, as its condition remained quite in line with the original construction. The engine did come out and was slightly modified; in serious racer fashion, it was painted flat blank when it was reinstalled, with headers, a few chrome goodies, and a Mallory rev limiter. The interior was unaltered except for the Rev Control, and the car even kept its 15” Rallye wheels. One evening, however, the car was damaged when it was bounced against a phone pole, leaving a big dent in the door. At that point, Larry parked it in his suburban California garage but never got around to getting it fixed; indeed, he never drove it again. It was eventually buried beneath typical family storage items.


Larry passed away, and the car came into the Mopar hobby through his estate. Tim knew it was special the first time he saw it, and he made a deal with second owner Scott Lindsey to get it into the Wellborn collection. By chance, Tim was able to secure a replacement original door painted in EL5 Bahama Yellow from fellow collector Peter Swainson, allowing the museum to maintain the car as an original and not have repaint anything on it. The car is presently on display in the museum together with pictures of Mr. Dickson in his military dress attire from back in the day, a full list of the options that were built onto it back in the day, and all the changes that Larry made when the car was cruising the hills and valleys of central California.


“(It’s) has been that way since 1972,” says Tim. “Because of that, it is actually the history of that car, and it would be wrong to erase that.”

Throwback Thursday! Muscle Car of the Month, 1971 Hemi Cuda in Sept 2010



The '71 Plymouth 'Cuda (and sister dodge Challenger R/T) was the Chrysler Corporation's last serious entry into the muscle car craze of the 1960's and early 1970's. The year 1971 marked the last year for the Chrysler "Elephant" 426cid/425hp Street Hemi, and fewer than 110 such "HemiCudas" were built. 10 of which were the ultra-rare "Holy Grail of Mopars" HemiCuda convertible. Almost as rare was the 440 Six Barrel Cuda Convertible. Production figures on these cars are only slightly higher than the Hemi, and in the quarter mile, are just as fast! Interestingly, the Hemi convertibles are currently valued at about $2,500,000+ while the six Barrel Convertibles are valued at about $600,000+, and Hemi Hardtops such as this one are valued at $750,000.

Rising insurance rates, a looming oil embargo from the Middle East, and more strict emission laws were responsible for the death of the Hemi, along with the 440-6 barrel, 440 Magnum and the 383 Magnum. De-tuned versions of the new 400 (an over-bored 383) and the 440 were still available on other Chrysler muscle cars (Road Runner and Charger) from 1972 to 1974, but because of restrictive heads, low compression, and a mild camshaft, they laced the blistering performance of their predecessors.

Unfortunately, this was also the last year for the 'Cuda to have many other high performance goodies, such as the legendary "Shaker" hood scoop, elastomeric color-keyed bumpers, all "Track Pac" packages, 15" wheels, 60 series tires, any big block V-8's, rim-blow steering wheels, road lamps, "high impact" exterior colors, Go-Wings and wild body stripes that "screamed" out engine displacement. These features, combined with the fact that 1971 was the last year for Chrysler convertible, was the only year that the 'Cuda sported dual headlights and "gilled" front fenders and had VERY low production figures, all make the 1971 'Cuda the most sought after Chrysler muscle collectibles of all time!


My father and brother Curtis made a trip to Jonesboro, Georgia on a tip from a friend who had just read a local auto trader and saw a Cuda Hemi for sale. Sure enough there sat a '71 Hemi Cuda in a barn witht he usual clutter all around. The car was very dusty and the usual dents and scratches of almost 20 years of barn buse I call it. But a true unrestored car! After negotiating a price from $10,000 to $7,800 on to the trailer one of the rarest musclecars of all time.

The car by today's standards of collecting would have been bufffed and detailed and left in it's original condition even though there were small dents and scratches. But at that time we decided a fresh coat of R-4 red paint was in order. An interesting note is that we traced the original Hemi billboard of this car to reproduce the decal. Other than that repaint the car is still in it's original condition. The interior and engine are the one's that was given the car in November 1970.

The first time the car was shown was the hemi Nationals in 1987. I remember pullin into the show with an open trailer and the sho practically came to a halt. We couldn't even get the car off the trailer as everyone circled around, asking about the car. At that time very few '71 Hemi Cudas of the 110 built had actually been seen.

Because of the involvement of my father and brother in the purchase and the enjoyment this car gave us all, it is definately the pinnacle of our entire collection.